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Thursday 23 March 2023
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£13 in advance

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Subhumans (formed in 1980) is an English anarchist punk collective best known for their quintessential debut LP, “The Day The Country Died” – hailing from Wiltshire, England.

Prior to the formation of Subhumans in 1980, vocalist Dick Lucas had played in the local band, The Mental. Lucas was then joined by guitarist Bruce Treasure and drummer Andy Gale, before former-Audio Torture bassist Grant Jackson joined the fold. Initially performing under the moniker Superhumans at the request of Bruce’s mother, by the end of 1980 Subhumans was cemented with Trotsky replacing Gale on drums. In 1981 the band issued a debut demo tape which caught the attention of punk band Flux of Pink Indians, who offered Subhumans a record release on their Spiderleg Records label. That record surfaced in December 1981 as the EP “Demolition War”.

Whilst failing to significantly raise the band’s profile, the record led to the subsequent EPs “Reasons for Existence” and “Religious Wars” in 1982. The same year Subhumans formed their own label Bluurg Records, which focused on cassette recordings. In 1983, once again released on Spiderleg Records, Subhuman issued their debut, studio album “The Day The Country Died”. Now considered a classic and quintessential release of the anarcho-punk genre, the record has its thematic roots in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, epitomised on the single “Big Brother”.

Marking the band’s first solo release on their label Bluurg, Subhuman’s subsequently released the EP “Evolution” in 1983. The full-length “From the Cradle to the Grave” followed the same year, as did the EP “Time Flies… but Aeroplanes Crash”, featuring both live and studio tracks. Following the release of their third full-length “Worlds Apart” in 1985, the band split citing differences in musical direction. Far-removed from the band’s initial hardcore recordings, the band’s final release “29:29 Split Vision”, showcases Subhumans’ more melodic, sung aesthetic.

Dick Lucas went on to join Culture Shock in 1986 and subsequently form the ska-punk outfit Citizen Fish in 1990. A brief Subhumans reunion occurred in 1990, before a fully-fledged reunion tour in 1998 of the UK and U.S. In 1998 the band release an EP of previously unreleased recordings “Unfinished Business”, before issuing the live album “Live in a Dive” on Fat Wreck Chords. The band’s fifth studio album “Internal Riot” arrived in 2007, followed by a tour of Europe and the U.S.


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