with: Ruben Sebright, Pete Adams, Echo Gecco, Severn Collective, Marc Hammond, The Marrs Bar House band

Saturday 21 September 2024
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£10 in advance

Tickets: Buy on-line

Celebrating Stu Silcock’s Legacy by Inspiring the Next Generation of Musicians

In October 2023 the world lost the epic talent of Stuart Silcock. Stu was a mainstay of the Worcester music scene throughout the last twenty years, playing lead guitar in the Marrs Bar house band, Black Cat Bone, Will Dance For Chocolate, The Disciples, Chevy Chase Stole My Wife and more. He gained friends and impressed musicians wherever he played with his expressive playing and reserved, dry humour. The sunburst Gibson Les Paul and white Fender Strat were Stu’s hallmark guitars, and he effortlessly conjured restrained, bluesy riffs that sounded distinctively unique.

Organised by friends and loved ones of Stu, Silstock aims to raise money for a cause Stu would have appreciated, to put his name to something positive for the future.

The Stuart Silcock Young Musicians Award, in conjunction with Severn Arts, will provide music tuition to children who may not otherwise get the opportunity to progress their talents. Qualifying students selected for the award will receive fully funded music tuition for at least a year, depending on the amount raised. Every penny raised from Silstock tickets, as well as through the collection boxes, will go towards this great cause.

The event will bring together local talents and friends of Stu, including Ruben Sebright, Pete Adams, Echo Gecco, Severn Collective, Marc Hammond. The Marrs Bar House band, in which Stu started his musical journey in Worcester, will round out the night with a celebration playing some of Stu’s favourites and songs.


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