with: Skewwhiff + Jess Silk

Thursday 4 May 2023
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£12 in advance

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SLAP Mag presents:

Formed on October 19th 1998 by ex-Carter USM guitarist Les Carter (aka Fruitbat).
Abdoujaparov’s musical foundations are the joyous and shambolic influences of 1977 punk rock. The music is raucous, fast and sometimes a bit country. The lyrics are rude, tender, funny and frequently a little unwell.

So far eight EPs, four singles and five albums ‘AIR ODEON DISCO PUB’, ‘DJAMOLIDINE’, ‘CYCLE RIOT HISTORY GANG’, ‘SEASIDE ARCADE BINGO PATROL’ and ‘LIVE ACTION PLANET NOISE’ have been released on Spinach Records. The sixth as yet to be named album is due for release in the Autumn. We have toured the UK, Germany, Australia and America.

The band features a constantly changing line-up depending on where and when they are playing. Check out the Abdou Family Tree for the gory details. We also historically toured under the guise of iDou, which is a cut-down line-up featuring Les, Richy and an iPod Shuffle.

In 2018 we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a hugely successful and sold out gig at London’s 100 Club. We played two sets covering a large part of our back catalogue


Skewwhiff have played festivals and gigs extensively, honing the songs and the set in preparation for their debut long player, Nice Little Upper, which was released in 2014.

Genre is always a poser when faced with such variety of sound, so the fact that Skewwhiff have not been out of place supporting bass legend Mike Watt’s brand of jazz/punk and Brit-pop pioneers Dodgy, demonstrates the difficulty in pinning a pithy label to this bunch of misfits.


Jess Silk is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from the Black Country. Her shouty but melodic brand of folk/punk music often has her being likened to a female Frank Turner or Billy Bragg, and it gets people sitting up and listening. Armed only with an increasingly sticker-covered acoustic guitar and a distinctive, gravely voice that many don’t expect, Jess plays to audiences up and down the UK.


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