The Task In Hand: Theo
with: Hoggs Bison, A Pig Called Eggs + Deathly Pale Party

Friday 17 February 2017
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£3 in advance £5 on the door

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The Task In Hand presents:


Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetic tapping patterns that interweave in spiralling complexity before near sub-atomically precise, powerhouse drumming clatters and builds each song into juggernaut of riffs and rhythms.

Hoggs Bison:

Bristol based math rock masters blending the intricacies of Toe & Don Caballero with a noise rock dynamic reminiscent of The Jesus Lizard & Shellac. An awesome noise not to be missed.

A Pig Called Eggs:

After several attempts at punching a hole in a brick wall using nothing but their own heads for the sake of art, Three humble, passionate souls decided to combine their musical talents to leave their memorable contribution to society rather than leaving a bloody impression on the side of someones house.
How thoughtful.
this is a band of serious businessmen that use their music tactically
to confuse audiences into leaving personal information behind at gigs. Things like bank statements and underwear.
Many exciting reviews have been forgotten and are somewhere in the ether.
The cacophony of sound these rugged idiots have submitted has been compared to other audio delights delivered by noise mongers such as Primus, Mr Bungle, Melvins, Future of the left and Cardiacs.

Deathly Pale Party:

Man and woman. Lots of cables. More reverb please.



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