Take The 5th (Clash tribute)
with: The Miffs

Saturday 28 December 2019
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£7 in advance £10 on the door

Tickets: Buy on-line

In case you wondered, “Take the 5th” take their name from the title given by The Clash to their 2nd US tour of 1979.

What you get are fistfuls of songs by The Clash, performed with power and conviction. There is no attempt to impersonate, what would be the point of that? The Clash did it right first time.

Take The 5th are all originally from Worcestershire, and they have been gigging for 20 years, but first and foremost they are fans of The Clash, and their music deserves to be heard live, any day, every town.

Officially, the band retired in 2010, although they have been doing a couple of special shows each year since then, including memorable shows at the Marrs Bar, and a full set at the Maxilla Hall under the Westway, in support of the Grenfell Tower community. There, beneath the looming shadow of the burnt-out block where so many people so tragically died, and so many more had their lives changed forever, Mick Jones joined Take The 5th once again on-stage, to perform London’s Burning.

The music of The Clash, the unique blend of rock and reggae, and the lyrics of the songs remain just as relevant in today’s World, as they back in the day when they were written.





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