Shire Straits (Dire Straits tribute)
with: Tyler Massey

Sunday 29 October 2017
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

£4 in advance £5 on the door

Tickets: Buy on-line

After a 3 year break from gigging, sHIRE sTRAITS reformed early in 2017 with the original line-up. Following a series of ‘comeback’ gigs, they soon re-established themselves as the leading Dire Straits tribute act in the UK. On the road again with an extensive repertoire of songs from across the Dire Straits catalogue you can be assured there is something for everyone in this band’s set.

The band’s aim is has always been to reproduce the live sound of Dire Straits during their hay day of the mid 80s and early 90s. As the die hard fans well know, Dire Straits changed many of their songs when playing live, so, there are various versions of the more famous songs. As a result the band was left with a dilemma of which version of each song to cover. The band have chosen a mixture of the Alchemy, Brothers in Arms and On Every Street Tours. Available with full PA and rig capable of playing extensive venues, we can guarantee you the full nostalgic experience and show.



Tyler Massey is an American-born guitarist and songwriter who has been living in the UK for twelve years, during which time he has collaborated with Vo Fletcher, Truck Stop Trixies, The Pull and The May Dolls, as well as serving as the host of the music night at the West Malvern Social Club.

His new trio with Alex Knight (bass) and Eric Hej (percussion), focuses on songs from his latest EP “American Nightmare.”



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