Ruts DC ELECTRacoustic Live tour

Friday 26 July 2024
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£20 in advance

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Ruts DC continues to fuse poetic fury, and rhythmic dynamism, pushing punk’s boundaries.

What do you know about Ruts DC? What do you want to know about Ruts DC? It’s nearly fifty years since the two sevens clashed. In a little over fifty more years, they will clash again.

Roughly around the time they last clashed the Ruts were hot wiring barbed wire guitar, passionate poetry and rhythm weaponry together somewhere in a London that probably does not exist anymore. Splicing heat haze dub thinking to the energy flash of punk ,close to the big bang of late twentieth century culture. Open to ideas. Committed to ideals.

Some band’s sound punk. Some look punk. Some even look and sound punk. And some, simply, are punk. The Ruts were early challengers to the misunderstood notion that punk was a somewhat luddite dogma wherein complexity, creative exploration and musical prowess were considered a shameful affectation.

Ruts and Ruts DC songs move with a precise muscularity and carry lyrics of eloquent and graceful rage. No two-chord thrash with shouting over the top.

Go back. Listen to everything. From the very beginning to now, with the forthcoming release of new album ‘Counterculture?’, the much-anticipated follow-up to 2016’s incendiary ‘Music Must Destroy’ album, due this November 11th via their own Sosumi Recordings.

Counterculture. Now is the time. Was there ever an age with more reason to rebel?

Counterculture. Do not think you can simply buy a way in.

To Counter; to push against, to oppose and redress. By being a spectator, you are NOT a part of the counterculture.


“Counterculture? For us, it never went away,” says bassist and vocalist John ‘Segs’ Jennings. “We’ve always been on the outside and still are. It’s ok to be a freak. That’s why The Ruts started in the first place. If it’s still inside you, it’s time to light that flame again. Get to know what you don’t know. Come and borrow my lighter.”

Drums and Bass building the defence wall. Guitar and whatever else lobbed in stun/attack mode. That is Ruts DC. That is all you really need to know.

People unite.

After the initial fans only release in 2022,the Counterculture? LP was unleashed on the rest of the unsuspecting world.

Official red vinyl was released April 2023 via Sosumi Recordings/Code7 distribution.

The much awaited ElectrAcoustic volume 2 is now available in the shop too.

And now, after 2 very succesful appearances at Rebellion Festival  23, European Dates and U.K.tour have been announced to take us to the end of  what will have been a busy year.

Never Surrender .


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