The Purple Shades EP launch
with: The Aura

Thursday 5 May 2016
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

£3 in advance (only available from the band)

Tickets: Buy on-line

TPS Band picwebThe Purple Shades are a lively and intense Worcester based teenaged pop punk/metal band inspired  by the drumming of Sam Hennerley, the thick, distorted and trill heavy bass style of Charlie Brooks, the stratospheric space rock influenced lead guitar of George Bowles and the raw, ‘growly’ and yet at times blissful vocals of Dylan Boddy.

After a heavy year of giging in 2015 they are launching their new EP, “Staddlestones” at a gig at the Marrs Bar on 5th May which has 5 original tracks including the recently released single, “They follow you” . They are also working on their second album, which will hopefully be launch later this year, a follow up to their first album “Wit of the Staircase” in September 2014

Band front man Dylan Boddy said “We are really looking forward to be launching the new EP at the Marrs Bar, which we regard as our home. We have created an exciting new sound and can wait to get it out there”


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