Michael Knowles birthday bash
with: Michael Knowles & The STD's, Toenail and the Badsores, Jay & Eli + Tone Tanner

Thursday 1 December 2016
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

£5 in advance (only available from the bands) £6 on the door

Tickets: Buy on-line

So the time has come to celebrate the anniversary of Michael Knowles. So what better way to celebrate than to put on one hell of a gig.

So the line up you ask?

To kick off we have the one and only Tone Tanner giving us the slide mofo from the good days.

Next up is Jay & Eli kicking up a storm as the duo of these most modern times.

Following them is the crazy and lovable Toenail & The Bedsores. That band of ragtag hooligans giving us a great taste of Goblin Rock

And of course the grande Finale

Michael Knowles & STD’s giving the old boy a great performance to prove that I’m not getting old I’m just malting out bitches

So what time does this start?

Doors at 7 first act on at 8

Why does it finish at 11:30?

Because got work Friday, duh!

How much Michael?

Tickets are £5 in advance
£6 on the door
Yeah you we’re all worth it

So get your asses there and let’s have fun.

Knowles out!


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