Wolfgang Promotions presents: FACE UP!
with: Karl Phillips and the Rejects / Casual Nausea / M.RR.L /

Saturday 11 May 2024
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£9 in advance, £12 on the door

Tickets: Buy on-line

Face up, or fuck off! FFO: Metal PUNK.

Karl Phillips and the Rejects
Known for their hard-hitting, skank-like-you-mean-it live shows, Karl Phillips and the Rejects promise genre-bending musical madness.
Karl’s refreshingly honest lyrics test the boundaries of the human mind and the English etiquette, coming from a place most people can relate to but never dared to mention!
This vibe has carried the band from London’s legendary underground haunts to the UK’s leading music festivals such as Boomtown, Bestival and Secret Garden Party and even across Europe to Montaurock Festival in France and Latvia’s Summer Sound.
Karl Phillips and the Rejects provide an original mashup of ska, punk and grime with a hip-hop nod at luminaries like The Clash, The Specials and Mike Skinner.

Casual Nausea
There back in Worcester!! Because they are loved!! If you missed last year see below.
Formed in 2012, Casual Nausea was born of boredom, a living room and 5 friends with nothing better to do. In 2019 we released Demons, our first full album on TNSrecords, which was brought out in time for that years MPF festival.
“Pissed off and driving, yet catchy and melodic. From track to track there is no room for boredom as the band changes it up and keeps it lively and interesting with cool sound bytes , nods and riffs from other genres and styles floating in the punk ether, enhancing the flavour of their own unique sound throughout.” Final Hours FFO: THE RESTARTS/SUBHUMANS,/CHOKING VICTIM

We found M.RR.L at the MARRS BAR OPEN MIC NIGHT! And listened for a few months going this is great and then one week a performance made every one go WHAT WAS THAT!!! I had a few excited and stern looks with the words BOOK IT. And we felt it, honestly we did. Sooo here you have M.RR.L at what was the next available gig. It’s basically anger and existential dread. HIP HOP/JAZZ/PUNK/IMPROV.


Pricing – If you cant afford the gig let us know, we can sort something, we need to know this beforehand and its kept confidential, we will just add you to a guest list with other guest list members that are on there for various reasons- pm us. The costings of our gigs do not reflect its quality, it reflects us trying to keep things affordable to not price people out. If your flush and ever want to pay more on entry or donate, get merch etc feel free to.


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