with: Metropolis

Friday 4 March 2016
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£4 in advance £5 on the door

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BABAL reveal a dystopian, sideways view of life; their psych/art-rock approach calling up comparisons with Talking Heads and Patti Smith. The band have gathered great responses around the UK and Europe and have also played live soundtracks for Alternative Cinema presentations.
BabelwebKaren Langleys’ sharp lyrics and powerfully fluid vocals soar over groove-driven soundscapes and songs, meshed with blistering guitars. Alice the Worker, (mime), observes and behaves badly.
Signed to Seattle’s Dgenerate Records, BABAL’s latest EP, “Hanging In The Balance” rocks against the status quo. Darker and more fierce than ever, the new material marks a creative turning point for the band.
Fabulous, charming, sardonic, soulful; and working class. Exceptional.
The new album from British art rock band BABAL ( formerly known as Babble) will be released by dGenerate Records (Seattle) and is scheduled for release in the Spring 2016. The first 4 track EP titled “Hanging In The Balance” was released on 3 March 2015 – tracks are “Lockstep”, “Speed”, “Selling Spontaneity” and “Money Never Stops”. The album is more than just another release for the band and producer Michael Jones, who also owns the record label. On it, BABAL, led by Rob Williams and Karen Langley, takes its first foray into darker musical territory, a journey marshalled by Jones, tension notwithstanding.”
Previous Albums are “Shape of the Flux” (2012) and “Bread and Circuses” (2013) as Babble.
Charming, alarming and serving up improvisational chunks of beauty between slices of rich vocals, the ever evolving BABAL mix groove-based rock with strange, enigmatic lyrics and blistering rhythms, topped by stunning guitars.
Now signed to Kounterkulture MGMT and Media (previously based in Los Angeles but recently relocated to Seattle) and US label dGenerate Records, BABAL merge subversive musical layers; a collaboration of structure and incandescence.
Driven by soaring vocal dynamics, and twisting into vibrant guitar soundscapes, BABAL’s music is underpinned by a stronghold of bass and drums. BABAL morph from dark to light, shadow to shiny, leaving a trail of sparkling crescendos, bold rhythms and provoking lyrics. The band move easily between improvised, poetic fusion mixes to theatrical, political, hard-hitting pieces that express the satirical, eccentric core of the BABALONEONS themselves – each one a virtuoso; united they create an intricate web of passionate, vibrant music.
psych projections/lighting provided by Zenjen lighting


METЯOPOLIS, are an alternative rock band with an original look, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. They are currently making a huge impact at rock venues and festivals across the UK with their dynamic and original sound. This tight 5 piece band of seasoned musicians write original retro-futurist music with a dystopian slant, that really captures the imagination, whilst also managing to knock out slick guitar, pounding drums and catchy synth licks.

METЯOPOLIS have a worldwide steampunk following, and are considered one of the top UK steampunk bands. As a consequence they regularly play alongside top steampunk acts like Professor Elemental, Ghostfire, BB Blackdog, The Dark Design, Mr B Gentleman Rhymer, Montague Jacques Fromage and Gladstone.

METЯOPOLIS also have a growing space rock following which has allowed them to play alongside The Enid, Babal, Spaceseed, Pre-Med, Psychedelic Warlords, Capt. Roswell, Glowpeople, Dr Hasbeen, Omnia Opera and Krankschaft.

METЯOPOLIS live shows are highly impressive affairs showing real stage craft and professionalism. They continue to recruit fans daily spanning 4 continents and regularly occupy the number one slot in the Reverbnation rock charts. Recent shows of note include support for Bruce Foxton’s “From the Jam” and support for The Hawklords on their Infinite Loop tour. Consequently their draw has increased significantly in the last year.

METЯOPOLIS also play festivals with noteworthy appearances at Lode-Star, Glastonbudget, Cosmic Puffin, Hastrek, Homegrown, Phoenix and the Rock and Blues festival. In 2014 they headlined the sunrise stage at The Sonic Rock Solstice opposite Lene Lovich.

With plaudits coming in from far and wide, the release of their scintillating debut studio album “Out of Mind, and their current “Out of Sight” tour in full swing could METЯOPOLIS be destined for major success?


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