3 bands £3
with: Michael Knowles and the STD's, Toenail and the Bedsores + By The Shore

Friday 22 July 2016
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£3 in advance (only available from the bands) £5 on the door

Tickets: Buy on-line

Toenail and the Bedsores are a sensational 5 piece comedy rock act with a fantasy twist! Originally hailing from the fairytale world of Epic Fael, now based in Worcestershire, this strange band of miscreants aim to conquer the local music scene and beyond with their unique blend of catchy up-beat rock tunes and tongue-in-cheek alternative comedy.

Their lyrical style is permeated with jokes based around video game culture and fantasy fiction, with songs such as Orc and Troll, Badhoof the Bandit Horse and the band’s flagship song, Goblin in Love. This is supported by high-driven electric guitar, a powerful rhythm section and twinkling keyboards. Add in a good dollop of audience participation and you’ve got a recipe for one entertaining show! Be warned though, they make a habit of “kidnapping princesses” so they may make you a part of the act!

Coming off the back of a successful and rapid rise to popularity on the Worcester music scene, now they’re looking to branch out into Birmingham and surrounding areas and their fan-base is on the grow, with many “Goblins and Princesses” joining in the madness.



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