Tower Studios presents Cerebral scar
with: Days of End

Friday 7 October 2016
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

£5 on the door

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The summer of 2014 saw established ex-Gutworm guitarist Lee Mason approach Freebase vocalist and renowned UKHC stalwart Mark Fieldhouse about putting together something they could thrash out to. Combining Lee’s metallic six sting riff-mongery and Mark’s love of old school crossover the two set about laying foundations and gathering ideas for what will surely become a thrash metal behemoth. Very soon, upon Lee’s recommendation, they were to be joined by technical guitar virtuoso Rhys and subsequently the writing picked up in pace. Bassist Leah and drummer Ross followed shortly after.

April 2015 saw the first Cerebral Scar gig, the band already boasting a set-list of completely original tunes; the sounds of old school thrash bolstered with death metal rhythms and hardcore aggression were to pummel all present – steering themselves away from the trend orientated metal scene, and instead recreating the sounds of something to slam, skank, and stage-dive to… bringing back the old school vibe.

Playing a selection of local and Midlands based gigs, including an opening slot for Brazilian thrash metal trio Nervosa, the quartet soon started to created a vortex of interest.

Consequently it was time to solidify some of the energy. On entering the studio with renowned producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Exploited, At The Gates, and more), Cerebral Scar were given the opportunity to lay down three tunes, with a superbly heavy slab of thrashcore the visceral result.

‘No Remorse Required’ is available on Mosh Tuneage Records.

With another studio session arranged with Russ Russell in September 2016, the follow up EP and a UK Tour is scheduled for early 2017.

Vocals – Mark ‘Freebase’ Fieldhouse
Guitar and backing vocals – Lee ‘Chopper’ Mason
Guitar and backing vocals – Rhys ‘Duke’ Kelly
Bass – Leah Freshwater
Drums – Ross Raftrey-Lacey


Days of End are a band containing ex/old/ current members of Stampin’ Ground/Underule/Freebase and fuse together all the 3 bands sounds with a love of doom and death metal. Having already supported Biohazard at the Fleece by request and made their debut in Huddersfield supporting hardcore legends Slapshot. A mini tour of Ireland was undertaken earlier this year, with UKHC stalwarts Freebase, where the band flourished and brought together a devastating live set as the members forged all their previous experience and molded it in to the way Days of End brutally and bullishly go about their business. Already having one track released on solid, underground label samplers in the states and in Europe an EP release will be ready for late Autumn which promises to capture their live brutality.


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